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New Central Reservations Site Lets Vacationers Book Itinerary in Taos, NM

TAOS, NM—A new booking website, BookTaos.com, is making it easier for those planning a vacation to Taos, New Mexico to customize an itinerary by booking lodging, activities, ski packages, and even dinner reservations in real time online. BookTaos.com also operates a call center from 8 a.m.–10 p.m. daily in Taos, where prospective visitors can ask questions of knowledgable staff on where to eat, what to see, and attractions from a locals’ perspective.

“I know that visitors are going to love the simplicity of booking on-line through BookTaos.com,” said Alyson Hyder, owner and developer of BookTaos.com. “Visitors can think of BookTaos.com as a concierge, of sorts, where excursions can be booked and paid for well in advance. As a result, visitors will be able to discover things in Taos they might otherwise miss and will have a guarantee, by booking in advance, that the activities of their choice will be available to experience when they want.”

BookTaos.com operates through Rezserve Central Reservations Platform, which offers a sophisticated software system that can create packaged vacations, last minute deals and specials along with call center capabilities for a multitude of properties.

“I am excited about the prospect of being able to serve group travel in one easy platform with offering a wide variety of lodging choices,” said Hyder. “ Taos is a very special, vibrant place and we look forward to welcoming new guests by customizing a vacation package that will suit their individual tastes and needs.”

In addition to being able to book lodging reservations, BookTaos.com’s site includes a drop down menu of suggested activities exclusive to Taos. Activities ranging from cooking classes to llama trekking tours to workshops and rock climbing, allow travelers to easily book an activity based on the time and date of their choosing, if available. Booking can be completed online at booktaos.com or by calling an agent at 844-321-BOOK (2665).

BookTaos.com also has a section featuring special deals and packages on their “hot deals” drop down menu. In addition, the “directory” option features an insiders guide on where to eat, what to see and where to shop.

Cancellation policies vary, and are based on the facility’s refund policies. For more information, contact Alyson Hyder at 575-770-0257 or marketing@booktaos.com.

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